We arise from the ashes, a dark phoenix of abysmal vengeance and apocalyptic retribution!!!

Paul: Vice Supreme Overlord of Empire Conquering and Metal Command

Tyler : Born from a combination of pure Language, Energy, and Cynical Sarcasm, Tyler, a co-founder and experienced short-lived idea inventor, quickly adapted to life in the World as a "human being." Mostly just subsisting day to day as an incarnation of everyone's spectacular sense of dread about things out of the ordinary, he finds his time occupied mostly by thoughts of ridiculous spontaneity and innovation. After following the mold to stay hidden in human guise for as long as possible by attending public high school in the state of Arizona and then moving onto undergraduate studies in English Literature and Sociology at Arizona State University, he moved onto higher education for graduate school in Education, hoping to blend into a society catering to promoting supposedly beneficial things such as learning and teaching or training. His Master's in Adult Education and Training places him in great spots to integrate carefully into the world of higher education or corporate training, lending to a good environment to further his ethereal and sinister influence on this World. Spending the remainder of his time working and raising two human children while not contemplating inventions and ideas, he often finds himself reminiscing of times in deep space before existence began for everything else in the universe. Seeing as how he likely needs to find something else to do, he discovered a new home for his eternal spiritual essence in the music of Metal, finding co-conspirators in the fight to constantly keep things from being "okay" and "normal." Lest you find yourself outside of his graces or sidelong glances of adequate acceptance of existing, just play dead or act like a parasite feasting on the pain of living in order to remain "alive." Any contact with Tyler will result in embarrassing and ludicrous exchanges of inconsequential but seemingly harmful degradation of one's soul. Feel free to experience "life" as it really should by opening a line of communication.